Some words from my clients, past and present.

Some words from my clients, past and present.



"As an editor, I have worked with Liz and her writing. She is extraordinarily creative, turns in polished work, is always quick to respond to any edits and changes, never late for a deadline, and an overall pleasure to work with. Her upbeat and easygoing personality makes communication pleasurable. I always look forward to reading what she has in store for me next!" — Holly Fox, Former Managing Editor, Ravishly

"I worked with Liz on a Bustle article about how to spend Father's Day when you don't have a father to celebrate. She was quick, responsive, a strong writer, and pleasant to work with." Julie Alvin, Former Executive Editor at Bustle

"I had the pleasure of working with Liz on a piece for the Bustle Books vertical that she pitched, titled "3 Ways To Become A Better Writer By Ignoring Your Genre." From start to finish, Liz proved her extreme professionalism, cleverness, and creativity -- her pitch was spot-on for what our readers are looking for, proving she researched and understood the publication; her piece came in quickly and on time; and her work was practically spotless for me as an editor. In addition, her attitude was both professional and positive, which made her incredibly easy to work with." — Caitlin White, Lead Books Writer at Bustle

"Not only is Liz's voice authentic and moving, she is a delight to work with: prompt, motivated, and friendly. I am honored to have been able to feature her writing on The UnSlut Project, where it continues to touch diverse readers." — Emily Lindin, Founder of The UnSlut Project

"Liz Lazzara is an insightful writer who doesn't pull any punches and gets right to the heart of her subject matter. Her ability to draw on and share personal experience in a way that shows both her vulnerability and strength is impressive. As a freelance writer, Liz produces work that is professional and highly compelling, leaving the reader wanting more." — Thomas G. Fiffer, Senior Editor at The Good Men Project

"Liz Lazzara writes with raw, unflinching honesty about mental illness, something she is also an advocate for in equal measure. Lazzara is as strong in voice as she is in character. Something about the way she writes inspires gratitude in the reader  even when she may be facing insurmountable struggle, she gives so much with each piece. Some of Lazzara's most memorable pieces from The Coffeelicious are some of my favorite on Medium, including "The Mental Illness Drunk Tank" and "Dear Husband Who Is No Longer My Husband."" — Abby Norman,  Author of Ask Me About My Uterus, Former Editor of The Coffeelicious



"I’ve been lucky enough to have had a dozen movies made and decided to start writing prose. Sending an early draft of my genre novel to Liz was the best thing I could’ve done. Sure, she’s a pro at technical and grammatical issues; that’s a given. And in addition she did what she said she would in the time she promised. But her real skill was in cleverly parsing the story and asking me about it. Having lived with the story for so long, the elements that seem obvious to me are not so obvious to a first time reader. Liz managed to guide me though those problems and, more importantly, suggest fixes for them. Also, she manages to be both cleverly critical and pleasantly supportive at the same time  not as easy juggling act. As a result, my book is in much better shape and I will definitely go back to her with further drafts and new stories." — Charlie Peters, Author and Screenwriter

"Liz was so great to have as an editor. She always gave thoughtful, honest feedback to my pieces, and they would always end up much stronger. she made sure to make her writers feel appreciated and taken care of. I couldn't have asked for a better editor." — Sarah du Rivage-Jacobs, Writer and Actor/Comedian

"Taking the first step into writing for online publications can be a scary process for someone who is just starting out. However, Liz made my transition from writing in my own private notebook to someone whose articles have reached thousands a seamless, and engaging transition. Liz had a keen editorial eye for improving upon a basic idea and elevating it to the next level. Liz provided timely feedback, and constructive, editorial suggestions that took her team of writers from having pieces of work that were “good” to “great.” I sincerely enjoyed working with Liz, and look forward to working alongside her again in the near future." — Courtney Dercqu, Author and Artist

"Liz is the type of editor who can take an article and mold it into exactly what it should be without sacrificing the original bones of the piece. She not only retains the author's tone, but asks them to push deeper and reveal truths maybe they haven't even come to terms with. Liz has not only helped me with learning to center my pieces, but also how to evolve certain personal subjects that transcend into a universal relation." — Emory Rakestraw, Writer and Photographer